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Elegant Powder Rooms are a great way to impress your guests!
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Contemporary & Modern Interiors
Contemporary Mediterranean Interiors
Contemporary Caribbean Elegance
Contemporary Modern Interiors can range anywhere from Minimalism to High
tech or even warm can be incorporated into these types of interiors. Lighting
and colors are very influential. Higher end products for this type of decor are
usually manufactured mainly in the U.S. & Italy.
Contemporary Interiors with a Mediterranean flavor are also a great way to design and
decorate in Florida. Like in the Modern style,  we stick to stream lined design but soften it by
adding ethnic flavor through warm fabrics & skins, traditional elements and organic overall
details.  North African design is a great inspiration.
Eclectic Interiors
consist of a collected
look made up of
different styles and
color schemes
merged together in
an untraditional way
to create a more
versatile look.  By
finding a common
denominator among
all of the elements,
one can pull this
look together with
French inspired
Japanese bath
African inspired
Moroccan Bath
Nature Inspired
Contemporary Design inspired by the North
African-Mediterranean flavor.
This beautiful unit is currently for sale!
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Traditional Bath
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Artistic Interiors ASID Interior Designers in Broward County, Florida
We also Service Weston, Coral Springs and Parkland, Florida
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Coastal Interiors Fort Lauderdale
Modern-Organic Fusion on Fort Lauderdale Beach
This comfortable and relaxing beach front apartment was designed as the ultimate vacation
getaway while remaining elegant and sophisticated with a modern yet organic seaside motif.
Designer: Andy Quinones                                                   Project Manager: Brently Frey
Transitional bath
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Miami Interior Designers and Decorators! Artistic Interiors is among the best in Miami!
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Peninsula of Michigan. We do seasonal
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