How We Work & The Design Fee Structure
Interior Design Fort Lauderdale

Design fee is based on square footage at a rate of (National Rate)
per square foot. This fee is its own entity and gives the client the
option to only purchase design and engage their own project
management and product purchasing if desired.

Project Management:
Once a design is established, we offer the client our management
skills which include:
• Working alongside architects to make sure the project’s vision is
• Spec of construction trades and contractors – Vetting, price
negotiating, contractor meetings.
• Liaison services between trades, contractors, inspectors, architects,
vendors and the client.
• On site trades’ management – supervision, scheduling, organizing,
instruction, quality control.
• Budget management to ensure the project is within its budget
• Product research
• Custom product production management
• Product ordering, tending to deliveries, shopping.
• Staging the project once all contractor work is done and all
products are in.

Project management is priced at (National Rate) per hour and to be
based on retainer according to the size of the project.
Retainers must be replenished and maintained for the duration of
the project as needed and unused funds are returned to the client
once the project is completed.  

Commissions on product are calculated at a (National Rate)
mark-up above NET cost and not to exceed MSRP.
Commissions on trades are calculated at a (National Rate)
mark-up above NET cost.
Shipping, freight and delivery costs are invoiced separately as
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