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Things you need to know when hiring an interior designer or decorator
by Interior Designer Andy Quinones
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A. Yes, a designer will work with a budget & will know best how to maximize products & trade services within its boundaries.  Beware of large
design firms with too many staff members aboard, aka "design groups" when working with a smaller residential project. Their overhead expenses
are usually passed on to the client. Just remember that everyone in that staff is getting a piece of your budget. A smaller design firm with a good
& strong designer will usually recruit workers as needed to get the job done just as well, while providing you with more personalized and
attentive service. A large firm works best on large scale residential or commercial projects with tight deadlines.
Q. How do I find the right designer for me?
A. A designer/client relationship is long and time consuming, so you must get along and trust each other. Interview several candidates, study
their ways and take a moment to get to know them before making a decision. Ask for references and look at portfolios of work. Do not ever ask
for a presentation or design work without a retainer or contract. This only happens in television shows and will usually discourage a professional
designer to work for you as designers are paid for their ideas which can be very time consuming.
Q. How do I avoid financial and personality conflicts with my designer?
A. Be upfront & honest. Make sure there is a clear contract with clear terminology. Set a budget and make sure every purchase is approved.
Make sure that your designer provides you with accurate visual presentations complete with samples and renderings. Beware of celebrity
Q. How
do I determine a budget for my project?
A. Your budget is determined by you.  Consult your designer to set aside a reasonable amount of funds bearing in mind that approximately 20%
to 25% will go towards design services and commissions. Remember that there will be delivery charges which will add up. It is always a good idea
to designate an overage amount in your contract to give your designer some flexibility when making purchases. While a good designer will be
somewhat accurate in estimating what your budget should be, it is ultimately up to the client to set financial boundaries.  A clear contract and a
good accounting system that provides the client with regular statement updates on the finances is always helpful.